AchillesLast month when I wanted serious advice on “Engineering Internship in Hyderabad”; I trusted QUORA to provide me the answer.  I received profound Reponses and also tons of relevant information through similar kind of questions fielded by others. The answers were Upvoted, Downvoted, Shared and Commented.  Hence for the past one month I have been evangelizing QUORA to my connections for prompt, relevant and serious answers.Quora_1

I did not go to LinkedIn groups because I did not know which group to ask the question and secondly Questions are not being responded or responded seriously.   I don’t blame the members because the LinkedIn Group platform is no more engaging and secondly WIIFM?  Whereas Quora provides ENGAGEMENT, ENTERTAINMENT and REWARDS.  Eventually as  a LinkedIn member, I would publish/update profile on LinkedIn, publish posts that may or may not be read and for serious Questions and Answers jump to Quora.  Is that good or bad for LinkedIn?

 I would say VERY BAD because when members do not find serious Q&A masala, their window of  time on LinkedIn Groups will continue to drop and shift to Quora.  And LinkedIn Group feature will become LinkedIn Achilles heel.

Recommendation:  Earlier LinkedIn had Q & A framework  that was dropped.  Simply revive it and see the difference in Window of Time spent on LinkedIn.  It will also add shine to  LinkedIn as serious Social Selling Platform.