LI_Company_pageLinkedIn has a powerful Tool called COMPANY Page. You can either follow Company Page or you can create your Company page.  If you are following Company page then you could be practicing either of the two ……

  •   Generate Business leads or
  •  Find a Job

Read on if you are FINDING A JOB because I will share a simple model to effectively land an interview.  The model is as follows  ……

  1. “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there” Hence 
    1. List down 3 to 4 target Job titles for your JOB search.
    2. List down “10” companies of your choice you want to find employment.Viewed11
  2. FOLLOW: Follow Company on LinkedIn. Towards left hand column you will find names of companies in similar business viewed by people “People Also Viewed“.  You can choose to follow them as well.
  3. ENGAGE: Engage (Like, Share, Comment) company posting and track who is leaving or joining the company. Track announcements, business wins, new projects; such posting are hooks for job and business opportunities.Emirates-2
  4. HOW YOU ARE CONNECTED: The company page mentions
    1. How many 1st degree and 2nd connections you have?
    2. How many employees in that company are on LinkedIn?
    3. How Many jobs have been posted?
  5. FIRST DEGREE CONNECTIONS: For your “10” chosen companies; you might be surprised that you have Zero first degree connection or less than 5, at least that was the case with me.
  6. RELEVANT CONNECTION: You might be further amazed that you are not connected with right professionals such as Head of HR who shortlists the candidates and Business head who actually makes the employment decision.
  7. ADVANCED SEARCH: Now research (3 – 4) target titles within 10 companies and research those profiles.  Study what Qualification, Experience and other achievements they have on their profile.
  8. PROFILES: Do you meet or exceed those qualifications? If not, work on it.  If you exceed use that as your leverage when crafting your cover letter and during the interview.
  9. REFERRAL: Build strong first degree connections so that you can request referral or introduction in the target company.
  10. SUBSCRIBE FOR PAID LI “UNLOCK SALE OPPORTUNITIES” (SALES NAVIGATOR)   :  This will allow you to pull out list of  all employees ( 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree ) in the company and see their engagement on the LinkedIn.  Now you can choose to engage them at the right time.
  11. Know, Like and Trust: Once you have the names of right candidates (Head of HR and Business Head) in target organization, begin engaging (Like, Share and Comment on their postings) them and at the right time send an invite to connect.
  12. Few Tips:
    1. Target a Title HIGHER than your last Job Title.
    2. Target a DIFFERENT business domain for the Job Title.
    3. In your covering letter add SURPRISE Propose your value proposition

Now imagine you are in front of the interview panel including Head of HR and Business head.  Panel members are thinking; I KNOW this candidate; he is connected to me on LinkedIn. He writes  relevant content.   Emotionally your positon is already elevated above other candidates.

Remember people like to employ people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST