groupLinkedIn is the # 1 Social networking platform for professionals.  Out of an approximate global population of 600 Million professionals, 238 Million professionals are members of LinkedIn.   And hence it becomes the most powerful platform to network, exchange and share your knowledge and wisdom.  After joining LinkedIn, LinkedIn Group is the most powerful tool to network, exchange and share your knowledge and wisdom.  Let’s explore LinkedIn Groups and why you must join LinkedIn Groups?

  1. There are over 1.2 Million Groups and growing on LinkedIn.
  2. Every Group reflects a DOMAIN, EXPERTISE, SKILL or a TOPIC; so make your choice judiciously.
  3. LinkedIn allows you to become member of up to 50 Groups.
  4. As a member of a Group you can:
    1.  Connect with like-minded professionals related to your industry.
    2. Join discussions by sharing insights, posting articles or creating polls.
    3. Showcase your affiliation with organizations by displaying group icons in your profile.
  5.  Companies can sponsor a group and benefit by:
    1. Building long-lasting relationships with customers.
    2. Gaining exclusive access to an audience of professionals.
    3. Raising awareness and position yourself as a thought leader.
  6. Expert Status: By participating in Q & A in Groups you establish yourself as an expert in the field you engage.
  7. Public Opinion: you can collect public opinion through Poll or through answers to your questions.
  8. Human Search Engine:  Its equivalent to a human search engine.  You seek opinion, advice and you get individual and expert opinion and advice free of cost.
  9. Groups are ready platform to create movements and/or form general opinion.
  10. Perfect platform to find people with common goals to collaborate on.
  11. Ideal platform to find answer to your most pressing problems.
  12. Ideals platform to find business partners.
  13. Perfect platform to receive business leads.
  14. Any member of LinkedIn can create a Group including you.  Just identify your interest and create your Group.
  15. Group membership has power, larger the membership the more power it has.

LinkedIn Group is a free tool, use it and achieve your goals in life.