Time_ChangeLinkedIn is waste of time.  My customers are not on LinkedIn!  How can LinkedIn help me sell?  The three statements reflect ignorance of the changing customer’s behaviors and reluctance to adopt change.  Let’s analyze every question individually and explore if it merits considerations

  1. LinkedIn IS A WASTE OF TIME?
    1. LinkedIn is an online branding tool working even when you are sleeping and Golocal (Local and Global) across a professional network of 360 Million on LinkedIn and online population of over 2 Billion.
    2. You can have only so many meetings in a day but with LinkedIn engagement; you can engage as many members as you build your 1st degree connections to be. And if one of your loyal connections shares your content; your engagement reaches beyond.
    3. Is LinkedIn really a waste of time? Now decide (reach of 360 million /2 billion; Golocal and 1st degree and 2nd degree connections engagement in a single click 24×7) Does LinkedIn provide better ROI than your cold calling?
    1. Does that mean that your customer’s company page is not on LinkedIn? Even if he does not – company page is not on LinkedIn; still you have access to people working in Customers organization and remember people do business with people. On 2nd thought sell your customer the benefits of creating company web page on LinkedIn and help him increase depth and width of his customer engagement.
    2. 2ndly if customer/user is not on LinkedIn; I am certain you can still find other influencers on LinkedIn such as Technology buyers, Economic buyer, Management, Decision maker or an influencer who can help your leverage the sale.SS_231
  3. HOW CAN  LinkedIn HELP ME SELL? LinkedIn is a Social Selling engine that helps you
    1. Convert cold calls into warm calls.
    2. Increase your depth of customer engagement i.e increase your point of contacts in customer organization
    3. Help you establish as an expert in your domain
    4. Help you reach customer earlier in his purchasing cycle.

Remember customers purchasing behaviors are changing and change requires a change in your selling strategy or else be prepared to be nudged out of the race.