Successful Networking is a reflection of how well you strategies your web of CONNECTIONS.  And Strategy requires data analysis.  LinkedIn provides excellent analytics on your connections. GO TO YOUR PROFILE and  simply click on YOUR RECENT ACTIVITY under drop down menu of VIEW PROFILE AS.  Follow by clicking on FOLLOWERS wherein LinkedIn will open three images , starting from Left .Recent_Activity

  • SENIORITY: It gives you count of categories as Senior, CXO, Director, Manager, VP and others connected to you. Like in my case maximum connections hold Senior (1343) category followed by Manager. (977)
  • INDUSTRY: It gives you count of your connections in various industry domains. Like in my case maximum count comes from Information Technology industry (1362) followed by Telecommunication. (209)
  • REGION : It gives you  count of regions your connections belong to. Like in my case maximum number of connections are from UAE (2339) followed by Bengaluru – India. (171)


Example # 1: You plan on moving out to another region/country.  Or you plan on moving back to your region/country.  Or you plan on doing business in other region/country.   The count in Region tells you what is the count of your connections in new geography.  You can take proactive action to build up count of connections in that region/country.  Followed by virtual engagement with them. Hence when you move over to that territory you are not a stranger.  Your call is not a cold call but a warm one.

Example #2:  You are selling into Banking industry.  Find out what is the count of your connections in Banking industry.  Put focused approach to build your connections in Banking.  If I review my connections – I have 1297 connections in Information technology followed and 100 connections in banking.  Hence I must focus on increasing connections in banking industry. Remembers research says there are over 5.4 decision makers involved in approving a purchase.

Example # 3:  You are looking for Job in Banking in Technology.  Find out what is the count of your connections in banking industry, Information Technology Industry and Title HR .  If it’s comparatively weak build on those connections count.

Remember “Your networth is your Network.”  But count of connections is only one part of the game because your success is also a reflection of strength of your connections. Hence once you connect engage (LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT AND POST) your connections.