Vinod_ProfileLinkedIn profile is your online resume but shift is happening towards positioning it as a brand building tool. My recommendation is position it as a brand building exercise and tell your audience why they should gravitate towards you. There are five fundamental Pillars of your Profile and they are  (Acronym = PKSRC)

  1. Photograph
  2. Keywords
  3. Summary
  4. Rich Media
  5. Credentials ( EPO)

PHOTOGRAPH:  People make snap decision when they look at your picture. Hence a Clear headshot, asymmetrical photo is worth a thousand words. 

KEYWORDS: Identify 4 – 6 keywords you would like to be searched for and sprinkle them across your PROFILE, EXPERIENCES and CONTENT that you create and curate.  Add these keywords under your skills requesting endorsements.

SUMMARY: People read summary before they browse your experiences. Hence first thing first.  Craft a sticky summary with as many hooks as possible including frequency of keywords to optimize your profile.

RICH MEDIA: Include Rich media links in your summary such as from Slideshare and YouTube  reflecting & Supporting your credentials.

CREDENTIALS:  People trust people with authority such as doctors, Lawyers; Policemen and people with titles.  So let your credentials do the selling before you begin your efforts.  Credentials are divided into three categories I.e. EPO – E = your School/University educational qualifications, P = Credentials earned within your professionals sphere and O= your credentials outside your professional circle such as have you written a blog , a book, been a member of panel discussion, or been a keynote speaker.

Focus on the five pillars and grow your LinkedIn network.