ExpertSocial Selling usage had doubled in the past two years.  Research finding says that people who use Social Selling close 54% more business than people who don’t.  Research also reveals that buyers are 5 times more likely to engage with warm introductions.  So what’s stopping you to get on the bus?

There are numerous platforms that provide scope for Social Selling.  The most prominent are LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  Among the three, LinkedIn is a professional platform that connects professionals with opportunities.  LinkedIn has created a “SOCIAL SELLING INDEX” system which measures your SSI strength through four pillars.   And am sharing key ideas on how you can excel on the said four pillars of “SOCIAL SELLING INDEX”?


o   Add a relevant Profile background aligned with your professional forte.

o   Post Professional head shot and FFF (Fill Frame with Face)

o   Title is 120 letters limit, it should say how do you help your customers

o   Summary is 2000 letters limit. Create your summary for your customer – how do you help your customers – write for the buyers eyes and ears.

o   Add relevant Certifications to reflect Expert Status.  95% of the buyers want the seller to be a thought leader in one field.

o   Add relevant Skills and get endorsed for them. (when people with similar skills recommend you, LinkedIn assigns you more weightage.  Such as person with SOLUTION SELLING skills recommending you for SOLUTION SELLING.

o   Join industry Group where your buyers are

o   Less is more (Post relevant skills upto 25, Join upto 45 Groups but show visibility on profile for upto 20 Groups, follow your top 50 customers)

o   Create and connect with your company page on LinkedIn

2.      Pillar # 2: FIND THE RIGHT PEOPLE:

o   B2B buying process involves 5.4 decision makers.    ( Identify MUTE in your customer – Management, Users, Technology and Economic buyer) Identify and find new ways to get buyers attention.

o   Tag your connections & buyers with  appropriate Tag to facilitate search

o   Fill out relationship column with important days and events in your connections life. And congratulate them on appropriate moments

o   Monitor to engage your connections who viewed your profile?

o   Follow your buyers company and TRACK who is leaving and who is joining?


3.      Pillar # 3: ENGAGE WITH INSIGHT :

o   Like, Share and comment on your customers posts

o   Curate content and Share

o   Set Google alert on your industry news, content and Post.

o   Post  balanced contents as such – personnel Experience, Industry news, Educational and Entertainment ( EIEE )

o   Join relevant Groups and post (balanced content EIEE) content in the group.  Email selected connections relevant content. Comment, Like and share relevant best content with your opinion along.

o   Listen to your connections and responds with relevant

o   Engage connections with questions, advice and opinion.



o   Stronger is your first degree connection, stronger is your 2nd degree connections.

o   Leverage law of Reciprocity, Social Proof, and Authority to build stronger connections.

o   Give before you ask

o   Ask for advice.

o   Make small requests

o   When you have a discussion that needs a serious engagement.  Take it offline for a meet or on Skype.

There is deluge of information and buyer’s attention span is reducing.  90% of Decision makers don’t respond to cold calls hence when you COLD CALL it reflects adversely on your organization.  Be smart, use power of Social Selling to convert your cold calls into WARM Calls.



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