Secrets are SECRETS, simply because they are not shared.  So what are the secrets in this post ?  The two secrets I am revealing will no more be a secret but a powerful resource available to you; ONLY if you consciously start using them.  They are “increase frequency of making Decision” &  Zorro Circle” ( source: The Happiness Advantage).

Decision making is a powerful tool but  how many of us make decisions during the day and what is their frequency ?  We make decisions every second of the day but 99.999% are on auto mode such as moving your fingers while typing, over-taking a slow moving car or picking up the phone when it rings and 0.001% are in a conscious mode In this post I am referring to decisions made in conscious mode and increasing their frequency.

Decisions are important aspects of our life because they culminate into progress, change, discoveries and inventions.  Rather every conscious decision is a step forward.  On the flip side just decision making is not enough, you must increase your frequency of making decisions, making decisions for yourself and making decisions for others.  And final piece of caution is do not fear making wrong decisions but focus on increasing the frequency of making decisions.  If you make 10 decisions and 3 are wrong.  It does not matter because you still have your 7 right ones.  Do you observe the difference between the two results?

Zorro Circle: I picked up this concept from “The happiness advantage In his book, the author, Shawn Achor tells us of how the legendary Zorro was able to transform from a depressed, inept man into a skilled, powerful swordsman and hero. His secret came when his master drew a circle in the dirt and told him that he would first learn to fight only from within the circle and not until he had mastered the circle could he further out.

As Achor explains, it turns out the technique can work for almost any life problem. In our case, we’ll use it to conquer clutter.  Find your Zorro circle. This should be a very small space, say a square foot of a counter or a corner of a dresser, that you first clear of all clutter, clean, and then guard zealously against any and all new clutter. For maximum effect, pick a place that often bothers you and that will uplift your spirit whenever you see the smooth, clear space.

Now continue to guard just this clutter-free space. Be vigilant. Check it in the morning, tidy it after work, check and clear it again before bedtime. Until you have totally conquered this little Zorro circle, do not try to expand out into the rest of the room or house. It’s ok if you find yourself clearing other areas, but you sole purpose here is total protection from clutter of your Zorro circle. Don’t lose focus from the circle, ever. You must continue this until you are powerfully and totally in control of the clutter from this little area. Just conquering the first circle often rapidly expands itself out in powerful ways that cannot even be guessed when we first begin to use the Zorro Circle technique.

What will happen? If clutter has been a lifelong problem or a problem you just can’t seem to conquer, the Zorro circle just might be your answer.

Frequency of decisions or Zorro circle are your little secrets; turn them into Life changers.