Burj Al ArabWhat do you do when you are stuck in your Career? When you believe you are not moving forward? When you believe others have stopped valuing your services?

Answer is – Study Successful people. Study successful organizations. Study what they do when they are stuck and aren’t making progress. 

Burj Al Arab – the iconic structure, the pride of Dubai, was starting to lose an edge as Dubai started spouting more and more awe-inspiring structures and concepts. With the rise of Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab is being overshadowed.

I believe team of Burj Al Arab felt stuck, they weren’t moving forward. People had stopped valuing their services. However, they believed  the world needed was a gentle reminder of its magnificence.

They did not invite Hollywood stars or sports icons, they did not summon journalists. What they did do was invite the most popular Instagramers from all over the world for an all expenses paid trip to the Burj Al Arab. This is a Blue Ocean  Strategy.

Lets dissect what Burj Khalifa would achieve with this Guerilla Marketing tactics?

  1. READY TEAM OF PUBLISHERS: The Instagramers were ready customers to accept the invitation whereas it would have been challenging to get Global Journalists or stars to visit Burj Al Arab. Burj Al Arab and the Instagramers was a fit news for public eyes as these were regular people who got a chance to experience royalty. 
  2. FREE PUBLICITY:  Instagramers taking photographs and posting instantly generate real time interest, curiosity and awe amongst their followers. They start talking about it and aspiring for it.  It’s like a JV between digital and brick & mortar business domain. Hence News Media would report about it.
  3. DIGITAL IMAGES A BETTER MARKET ACCEPTABILITY: Instagram is more about images and little about text. And the iconic Burj Al Arab is best portrayed in pictures and Instagramers would post picture on the fly.  Hence user acceptability is high.
  4. GEN Y – AN UNTAPPED MARKET SEGMENT: Instagram addresses Gen Y who live on digital diet.  This segment is not served by hard copy news or TV news.  Gen Y is better served by mobile devices.  Hence Burj Al Arab taps into a new segment.
  5. LESS COST AND BIG REACH:  Images are disseminated globally with the least cost.  It would be seen by over 200 Million users of Instagram.  And it’s likely that few of the images would go viral.
  6. UNIQUE BLUE OCEAN IDEA:  This exercise (Social Media leaders) was first of its kind for the region and others will follow suit.  Hence it will stick in people mind.
  7. TRUST OF INSTAGRAM COMMUNITY:  By inviting top Instagram users Burj Khalifa has won hearts and loyalty of Instagram community.

Hence if you believe you are stuck, you are not making any progress and others do not value your product or services.  Look around what successful people and organization do – get inspired. And remember what Albert Einstein said “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.