LinkedInUnivac introduced the first computer but IBM established the lead.  No one remembers UNIVAC.  Then entered Mini computes by Dec.  CEO of Dec Olsen said who needs PCs.? Over the period Compaq the PCs manufacture bought-out Dec.   Desktop evolved into Notebook, Notebooks into Tablets and Tablets   is evolving into a smart phone.

Oracle strategy is working and is reflected in the upward trajectory of revenue.  Oracle bought over Seibel (CRM), Retail Pro, JD Edwards, Peoplesoft (HR) and Flexcube for Banking. Oracle race continues making frequent additions and amendments to its strategy to establish the lead.  Oracle Elephant is continuing dancing.

Is LinkedIn dancing?  In my opinion LinkedIn is still in the learning mode.  Having said that currently LinkedIn is in Red Ocean and trying to move onto Blue OceanLinkedIn practice to introduce Education and attract students; its renewed focus on Branding and Talent acquisition is an effort to capture professional mindset.  But is that enough to sustain and establish leads?  In my opinion Education, Branding and Talent acquisition is a big canvass  but missing on numerous areas that could prove detrimental to LinkedIn upwards trajectory.  Rather LinkedIn long term strategy should be to include every aspect that touches Talent acquisition and branding business.  To begin with

  1. Launch Video Cv’s and give it LinkedIn template.  Make this a paid service with extended options wherein limited options should be free.  This will weed out part of Red Ocean sharks.
  2. Education is an excellent platform to being with.  But introduce the virtual online campus recruitment platform.
  3. Company pages are good but virtual recruitment bazar for companies is icing.  Or  an yearly online regional virtual recruitment LinkedIn bazar wherein regional enterprises can participate.  This will be your Blue ocean.
  4. LinkedIn is tapping into an economic engine for professional and free lancers.  Introduce a monetization platform for free lancers and professional (Elance like) to monetize their skills.  This could a self sustainable platform for LinkedIn and professionals as well.  LinkedIn can charge a nominal fee and professional can sell their skills.

Microsoft faltered on browser lead wherein Google merged from the cinders with more powerful economic engine than Microsoft.   This should be a lesson for LinkedIn to not repeat the mistake and vision to populate every aspect around talent acquisition and branding. 

Now the question is “Is this a right strategy to develop multiple tentacle”  The answer would be sooner than later these tentacle would become a powerhouse revenue stream that could power the entire LinkedIn platform else this may be a conduit for competition to encroach on LinkedIn territory.  So don’t miss the train begin your journey on above programs and more.