Jim Rohn once said “Income seldom exceeds personal development.  What you become directly influences what you get.”    Hence every day step out of your comfort zone and apportion time to stretch because when you stretch miracle happens.  Here I am sharing “31” different ways to stretch.  Use your imagination to add more….

  1. Find & practice two new revenue streams  in the next “30” days.
  2. At your work environment identify “3” people and find “3” reasons to complement them.
  3. Find “3” reasons to ask for a raise and or promotion.
  4. Ask for additional responsibility not under your scope of talent.
  5. Express your critical opinion on a topic in a large gathering.
  6. Make your boss laugh.
  7. Introduce yourself to someone standing next to you in a que.
  8. Ask for an extra discount at a supermarket.
  9. Call up your tough prospect for an appointment.
  10. Attempt what you have been postponing for past few months.
  11. Sing a song in a gathering of “10” or more people.
  12. Congratulate your adversary on his success.
  13. Go on raw vegetable diet for the week.
  14. Write a critical letter to the editor.
  15. Give up on your favorite beverage for the month.
  16. Arrange for a get together of your friends that you have not called or met for over an year.
  17. Learn to speak Arabic.
  18. Switch off TV for the month
  19. Take up a  short education program with a written test.
  20. Get an interview for a higher position in a larger enterprise.
  21. Implement,  a plan to stretch your “7” days expense budget into “15” days.
  22. Get up an hour early every morning and use that time to meditate.
  23. Take up dancing classes.
  24. Spend “3” hours a week on teaching Blue collar people.
  25. Donate blood.
  26. Participate in a marathon.
  27. Volunteer for beach cleaning campaign.
  28. Read Shakespeare literature.
  29. Automate  “3” routine jobs.
  30. Practice delegating “1” activity that you have never delegated before.
  31. Smile more, laugh more and enjoy more.

When you stretch it stretches your business, professional, social relationships and when you continue practice it stretches your body, mind and soul.