EmailProspecting is the first line of fire in Sales profession.  But before you begin; you must draw out the battle plan.  What, Where and who will you address?  Having said that in the digital world sales people have big arsenal to reach their customers.  But the question is……. Are you using the right channel and in the most appropriate manner?   Follow the simple tips and maximize your percentage of meetings through Email marketing.

  1. Get the person’s name right. (One of my large customers came back and said my name is spelled with E and not A in the center.)
  2. Check the grammar and spelling. (Recipient emailed back; use spellcheck before sending emails)
  3. Avoid using sweeping statements. ( anyways; Never; Always)
  4. Target the message to the right buyer.  (Recipient remarked I am not responsible for purchasing or evaluating PCs)
  5. Focus on their pain, not what you want to sell. ( Don’t sell but resolve problem; talk benefits not features – Free of Cost one L1 onsite engineering services for 1 day every month for the next 6 month.)
  6. Curse of Knowledge. Don’t use jargon that you understand; simplify the technology terms or give explanation.  
  7. Stop commanding people.  Avoid statement such as  “Visit our website to learn more”  and “get back to me if you need further information or clarification”.
  8. Make your message compelling Share customer testimonials and 3rd party reports.