Job.2If you are not on LinkedIn then you are missing your opportunity to interact with over 500,000 Recruiters on the LinkedIn; SIGN UP.   If you are already on the LinkedIn and your profile is incomplete then you are like the person going for a networking meet with a PAPER BAG on your head; COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE.   So let me share my  “10” powerful tips for 1000% ROI on your LinkedIn investment.

  1. COMPLETE your LinkedIn profile and customize your public profile.  Public profile is the profile content visible to the people who are NOT on the LinkedIn and Google for information available in your profile.
  2. OPTIMIZE your profile using keywords you want to be found by recruiters.  And you can check your success on LinkedIn through “How many times your profile has been VIEWED” and “How many times you have appeared in LinkedIn search
  3. COMPANY PAGE: Connect your profile with your company page. It increases your chances of being found.  
  4. NETWORK: Connect with your friends, colleagues, customers, prospects;  just connect and increase your circle of influence.  There is a debate; your network should be Quality or Quantity.  My view would be both; focus on Quality but build Quantity as well.  The two have different objectives.  Remember TYRO of Today could be VIRTUOSO of Tomorrow.
  5. ASK FOR ADVICE: Don’t ask direct for a job, my input would be ask for advice wherein your connections would be more willing.  Ask job from your very close friends only.
  6. LISTEN:  Nowadays many companies are incentivizing employees for bringing in new hires, so listen to your connections in the companies you want to target for jobs.
  7. FOLLOW COMPANIES:  Follow companies you want to target and track who is joining, who is leaving and who is being promoted.  Such changes reflect JOB OPPORTUNITIES, grab them.
  8. INCREASE YOUR TARGETED COMPANIES: When following a company, LinkedIn also throws up list of similar companies, include them in your research.  Increase your circle of targeted companies.
  9. CUSTOMISE & LEARN: Check profiles of successful people in similar job and take lessons from their profile format.  Customize your profile format.  Check activities (Group, Education, Forums, Hobby etc.) of successful professionals in your industry;  learn and apply.
  10. EXPERT STATUS:  Give and request endorsements, recommendations.  Participate in relevant group discussions and share your opinion to pressing questions and problems.  Share value relevant information with your connections.

Please treat your LinkedIn as your VIRTUAL ROLODEX rather it’s a far better Rolodex then the physical Rolodex because it gives you the power to analyse your connections, their activities and best practices.  And icing on the cake is it provides intelligence on companies you want to target.  Go ahead and master LinkedIn for 1000% ROI on your LinkedIn investment.


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