AdviseThere are a handful of Social Media platforms that connect millions of people.  Among them LinkedIn is the # 1 platform to connect professionals.  LinkedIn connects over 238 Million professionals among a global professional workforce of 600 Million.  Hence you are on the right platform.

Your # 1 Strategy for LinkedIn should be VISIBILITY. And by VISIBILITY I mean

  1. When people goggle for your name; your name should appear first.
  2. When people search for your attributes in LinkedIn; your name should appear on the top of the search.

How do you achieve the VISIBILITY?  There are four keys to visibility and they are

  • PROFILE 100% COMPLETE: If you observe on the right hand side of your profile.  You will notice a blue circle which remarks if your profile is complete or not.  100% complete profiles are ranked higher by LinkedIn.  Also pay attention to your endorsements, more endorsements means higher ranking in SEO.
  • GROUPS: You can become member of upto 50 groups at any given time.  Focus on Quality and Quantity.  By Quality I mean is join groups that belong to your industry wherein you connect with your peers and experts in your industry. By Quantity I mean; join groups that have the largest membership.  The advantage of joining such groups is you can send invite to connect to your groups members and this is irrespective of whether you have his email id or not.  Now begins the game.  Being in the group is one thing; your objective should be to engage in the group through Like, Comment, Share and Ask questions.  And the best among the four engagement models is Ask a questions and Comment on a questions, when you begin doing so your profile ranking increases in the SEO and in the eyes of your group members and your probability of receiving invitation to connect increases too.
  • COMPANIES:   Follow companies and engage them with Like, Comment and Share.  And the best among the four engagement model is Comment on  a post, when you begin doing so your profile ranking increases and so the visibility.
  • EDUCATION: Similarly Like and comment in posting from various universities.

Once you begin adopting the above steps you will observe considerable enhancements in

  • Number of invitation you receive to connect
  • Number of times people view your profile
  • Number of times you appear in LinkedIn Search

Good luck and continue practicing the above tips and observe the Trends column on the right hand side to measure your progress.


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