Currently I am on a short trip to India – Haryana –  Gurgaon.  I had planned to achieve many and packed my daily agenda with numerous dream activities; right from reading 2 books in a week to conducting 4 business meetings in the day.  Having said that PLANNING IS GOOD BUT PLANNING WITHOUT ACTION IS FUTILE.

Now this is where the learning begins.

Learning # 1 : Change brings discomfort:  I was excited with the prospect of activities filled week ahead but sooner I landed at New Delhi Airport and reached home; the enthusiasm went up for a toss. The room was different, change room was different, my computer table was different; rather ambiance was different.  I was no more on AUTO PILOT for even mundane chores.  For every activity I was making conscious decisions and sooner my planned activities went UP FOR A TOSS.

I realized change brings in discomfort and it discourages you to perform to your capacity.  The only resolution to change is to extract extra dose of ENERGISER from your mental faculty and “JUST DO IT the NIKE way.  But if ever you dilly-dally in the beginning, you will continue procrastinating and sooner it would be time to return.

Learning # 2: Age is no barrier because wisdom comes from experience.  I came out of shower and my daughter entered the wash room.  She quickly came out and asked “papa why have you not left water in the bucket ? I asked what for?  She replied I keep little water in the bucket in case we run out of water; at least she can wash her hands.  I realized the wisdom in her words.  Gurgaon faces water and electricity shortage and especially during summer time, there is less water and more demand.  And you must account for such situation.  Hence the wise thing my daughter would do was maintain half a bucketful of water and in the eventuality of no water in the storage tank she could at least wash her hands with that bucket water and not wait for next few hours.  Lesson is;  age is no barrier because wisdom comes from experience.

My message to you is next time when you are on vacation anticipate change and prepare your mind for the extra dose of ENERGIZER.  And remember wisdom comes from experience because age is no barrier.