crossroadsThis morning when taking a walk on Sharjah Corniche, my mind kept wandering; what brings change?   Is it an overnight change or is it a process?   This set my mind into thinking and whenever such question pops in my mind, I use either of the two techniques to find a resolution.

  • MIND STORMING: In this process I throw in all sorts of questions to myself and endeavor to answer them and reach a conclusion.
  • BRAIN STORMING: In this process I refer material and then reach a conclusion.  Reference material could be books, net or friends opinion.

In this case I simply picked up a situation and began questioning myself – MIND STORMING.  And the situation was why people attended the workshop “BUILDING A POWERFUL IDENTITY” and when I analyzed the situation I came to the following conclusion and am sharing it in steps.  This is my opinion and could be of paramount relevance in your life especially when you believe you are on a crossroad.

  1. FIRST EFFORT AND TIME: The first step is the most challenging.  The first step to walk up to someone and request for help, advise.  The first step to attend a seminar, the first step to listen to the project speech and absorb the message.  Here the objective is to BUDGET TIME to listen to the message and that is the tiny little bit of change.  Once you have done so willingly, the next step is ………
  2. The next step is the PUSH factor that is you push yourself to apply that little message/insight. Then follows the third step  ……..
  3. The third step is when you apply the little insight; you come under the circle of influence of the change.  It’s like you are in the path of the water current and the water current takes you along as far as the sea or where it loses its intensity.
  4. Now once again you are standstill, you have applied what you have learnt to change.  And you need a greater insight, a bigger push.  This is the most critical phase because if you can realize the stagnation and push yourself for bigger change you are on the road to your success.  The bigger push could be a serious study of the subject, a serious mentoring/coaching, a serious seminar or an event.  And finally applying that serious insight to bring in a significant change.  And when you realize the ingredients of momentum you will never stop, but continue your upward trajectory.

My message is find your catalyst for change and push yourself to change.  Because in this century nothing is constant except SUPER CHANGE.