Is it difficult to crack Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains?   Mr Anand believes not because “When the student is ready TEACHER will appear”  said Greek philosopher Socrates.  And the teacher is Mr Anand who has been interviewing multitude of students from the poorest of the poorest but talented students in Bihar and selecting 30 out of them to coach.   He calls them Super 30.  The 30 IIT aspirants are coached free of cost by state’s math wizard Anand Kumar and his team every year.  In 2003, 18 of the 30 students came out with flying colours while the number of successful candidates went up to 22 the next year. In 2005, 26 of the Super-30 students made it to IITs while 28 each got through the exam in 2006 and 2007. In 2008 to 2010 all  30 students made it to the list of successful candidates.  Last year, 27 of the 30 students were selected for IITs.  And this year all 30 students aced the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains 2013 and are preparing for taking the advance level examination scheduled on June 2.

Many of the selected candidates did not have an idea of IIT till they joined the bandwagon.  But they share two things in common that is desire to study and desire to facilitate education to morph into a beautiful butterfly.  Enjoy watching Anands Youtube and visiting super30 website.


I have Observed “7” Elements that   contributes towards fantabulous success of Super 30.

  1. TALENT: Students are talented and hard working.
  2. REALIZATION: They come from the poorest background and realize the value of fantabulous opportunity.
  3. MENTOR: Anand is not only a coach but a mentor who has defined road signs for their journey.  Without the mentor Talent would have been lost.
  4. PASSION: Students have the interest whereas Anand has the passion and the skills to transfer that passion.  And this is one element which contributes 50% towards success of the program.
  5. CURRICULUM: Anand knows what do students need the most?  And that is the confidence.  He feeds them confidence to begin believing in themselves 200%.
  6. VALUES: Anand instills right values in super 30 students and persistently feeds them.
  7. BELIEF: Students identify with Anand and his struggle to come so far.  And this makes them a team; a committed team that must succeed.

Anand is a hero to his students and his selfless services has made him a Super Hero  of the global world.  Visit super 30 web site for enthralling insight into Anand and Super 30.