LinkedIn is a Powerful Prime Platform for Social Selling. It is driven by the mission to connect the world’s professionals and make them more productive and successful.

Leveraging LinkedIn for social selling is like going for a Seven-Course buffet wherein you chose to eat what tantalises your palate. LinkedIn seven star spread includes tools that are a perfect fit to sail through Social Selling journey. And they are …..

  1. Sales Navigator: Lead generation: It helps find leads and build a relationship with the leads.
  2. TeamLink: Employee advocacy and referral systems: TeamLink identifies and shows you the people you can ask for an introduction.
  3. Slideshare: LinkedIn acquired it in 2012. It’s a platform to archive and curate professional content. I store all my professional Powerpoint in Slideshare for easy access anytime and from anywhere. It’s available as Slideshare under LinkedIn banner.
  4. LinkedIn acquired it in July 2015. It’s an Educational platform to educate and recommend educational content to your potential customers. It’s available as Learning under LinkedIn banner.
  5. Pointdrive: LinkedIn acquired it in July 2016. It’s a sales tool for packaging, sharing, and tracking customer content in a professional and highly engaging way.

 Having said that I also use the non-Linkedin tools to sharpen my Social Selling reach such as

  1. Twitter: Micro Social Network – it’s a powerful listening tool. I use Twitter to create a List of Prospect so that at any given time I can listen to unadulterated tweets.
  2. Hootsuite & Buffer: These are two tools to Listen & Schedule content Posting
  3. : Content Curation: It’s a content curation tool that enables individuals to create “NEWSLETTER” based on topics of your choice. It “Automatically finds, publishes & promotes engaging articles, photos and videos from across the web.”
  4. It is a useful browser plug-in that gives you the full online footprint of people you want to connect with by providing real-time and verified profile information in a neatly structured Sidebar. With the current changes in LinkedIn somehow has not been able to give results. But continue following and you shall have the results.

Check out the following tools as well

  1. Create your own Sales videos. Future is videos and I found it very helpful and resourceful tool.
  2. Leadtail: Research: Leadtail is a B2B social media agency that uses social insights to create the right social media strategy & plan to reach c-suite buyers.
  3. Hubspot: Leading Inbound marketing Enterprise with lots of useful content to sharpen your Social Selling.
  4. Marketo: Leading Inbound marketing Enterprise with free resources to sharpen your Social Selling.

Social Selling is the Digital Transformation of your Sales process. Apart from the above tools, there are many online tools that may tantalise your palate. Try them out and leverage them to make your Social Selling journey a success.