Last week while driving down to Al Ain I was tuned on to MP3 listening to keynote by world renowned motivational speaker Jim Rohn.  The keynote gave me a roller coaster ride of ups and down but never a dull moment.  I was mesmerized by his 60 minutes keynote that felt like few minutes.  I realized the power of CHOICEST words

  1. “Engagement is not an engagement without a Diamond ring” ..… De Beers made us see that.
  2. Nike would not have been Nike without  “just do it”
  3. “A bird in hand is worth two in bush”… a proverb encapsulate wisdom
  4. “Think big, think fast and think ahead” …words of Dhirubhai  Ambani  encapsulate years of experience
  5. Coca Cola has stayed in the business because it was “The Real Thing”
  6. Apple made us “Think Different”

Words have the power to challenge, communicate and create.  Words have the power to hurt, heed and heal.  Words are the powerhouse that can change lives.   Enjoy watching the power of  CHOICEST words……