FAHRAre you transacting business with UAE Federal Government or planning to business with UAE Federal Government?  If your answer is YES; step back and answer three questions…….

  1. Is your Company page on LinkedIn?
  2. Are you posting engaging content on Company page?
  3. How many of your employees are on LinkedIn?

You might wonder what relation has UAE Federal Government business with your LinkedIn presence.

April 5, 2015The UAE’s Federal Authority for Human Resources (FAHR)entered into an agreement with LinkedIn that will see 90,000 Federal Governmentemployees creating their online profiles. 

Massive Opportunity:  90,000 UAE Federal government employees would build their profile on LinkedIn.  This will inspire Local government employees as well to join LinkedIn.  And this may create a ripple effect, inspiring other Arab world government employees to join LinkedIn.  You will see spurt in LinkedIn membership in Government Category.  The current LinkedIn membership in GCC countries as of July 29, 2015 stands as follows:

Saudi Arabia: 1,953K; Oman: 277K; Kuwait: 376K; Bahrain: 201K; Qatar: 468K and UNITED ARAB EMIRATES standing at the top with 2,647K members comprising around 28K members listed under category Government which is far  from current strength of 90K UAE Federal Government employees.

VISIBILITY CREATES OPPORTUNITIES: Business community must adopt a LinkedIn friendly marketing strategy to create Awareness, Consideration and Persuade business decisions.  And action plan for business community are FIVE BABY STEPS?

  1. Company Page: Create your company page on LinkedIn and periodically post content to create awareness.
  2. Social Selling: Encourage your business development workforce to create LinkedIn profile and train them on Social Selling.
  3. Strong Relations: Help your team to build strong relations with relevant government employee.
  4. Government Groups: Research and Join relevant UAE or Dubai Government LinkedIn Groups.
  5. Follow UAE Government Pages: I could trace presence of Ministry of Health – UAE only. But on the flip side early bird catches the worm.

There is an oft repeated wisdom VISIBILITY CREATES OPPORTUNITIES” and “EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM”   so be Early and be Visible