ninjaWhen I look back my journey of creating content on  Social Media has been a long one. And it all  began with creating my blogs followed by and  finally  In this post I will share few secrets of creating sticky content for posting on  Social Media platforms. And here are the tips

  1. BLOG POSTS: Create your blog and begin posting.  And then continuing creating posts and continue posting on the Social Media platform. Visit my blogs
  2. REUSE: Repeat and re-post  your blog posts.
  3. TRENDS: Now the first challenge is where do you find right topic for the post?  I would say look at the Trending topics on Twitter; Facebook and news.  Look at what important events are coming up or holidays coming up and write posts on such subjects and align your posts with the trending topic that will promptly hook your  audience mind. Check out default Trend on Twitter
  4. CURATE: Curate or aggregate posts.  It does not matter if you don’t write posts.  You can always google interesting content and post it on Social Media platform.  Use google alerts for the trending topics and content.
  5. LANGUAGE: Use simple language
  6. RHYMES: Use rhyming phrases and Titles because they are easy to read, remember and sound truthful.  “CAUTION AND MEASURE WILL WIN YOU TREASURE” sounds more accurate and truthful than “CAUTION AND MEASURES WILL WIN YOU RICHES”
  7. IMAGES: Use appropriate pictures.  Posts with picture have high % of being seen and read.
  8. TITLE: Create catchy titles.  Take hints from free title creating sites such as .
  9. DISCIPLINE: Post regular and periodically.
  10. ENGAGEMENTS: Respond to comments posted on your posts
  11. BRAND: Post on specific topics and post quality content to create your brand image and expert status.

 Wishing you a Happy New year and the year of your sharing Super Quality content on your Social Media platform.