Couple of years back I would regularly join my friend Atul for early morning walk.  We would walk for around 30 minutes and return.  I always wondered what would it be like taking the full circle of Sharjah corniche a 7 km+   walk?     Last year I took that step to walk the complete Sharjah corniche circle.  Sooner I began wondering what would it be like taking TWO full circles of Sharjah Corniche ?  Every night I would go to bed with a resolve to take two complete rounds. But the early hours turned my resolve into perhaps tomorrow.   And you guessed it right; tomorrow never comes.

Wrong; this morning Tomorrow did come and I began on the quest to complete two full rounds of the Sharjah corniche.  And would like to share my experience during the walk.

  1. Sense of Achievement: It’s a tremendous relief when you achieve an assumed arduous task. And this relief is high octane fuel for your next goal. Lesson: I should have carried a bottle of water.
  2. What Next: Now you begin wondering what next. And I was wondering when Sharjah to Al Ain?
  3. Ripple EffectChange in one area of your life impacts others areas in your life and when you are stretching the impact is positive in others of your life.  My friend commented you look great and  sound uplifting today.
  4. Sharpen Obervation: Sense of achievement sharpens your sense of observation.  And somehow your observation is positive and optimistic.  And this morning I spotted numerous pairs of birds.
  5. Belief in Yourself: You become positive and resolve your belief in yourself.  I will win the Mashreq Millionairejust kidding.
  6. Burn the Bridges: When you begin an arduous journey begin with the toughest step.  In this case even if you want to turn back, you are restricted by the toughest route back.  I started the walk crossing the Sharjah bridges first that I presumed to be the toughest.
  7. Just do it: My last message is just do it; because there is never a better moment than NOW. I was waiting for the right conditions and am glad I stopped looking for the right conditions and began my journey.

Fellow readers if you have been procrastinating an arduous goal;  understand there is no better time than NOW.