This morning when I visited Spinney’s supermarket; I purchased USD 60 worth more items than I had planned for. On my way back,  kept wondering how did I get CONNED into spending more.

All great organization sell, cross sell, upsell through providing a better experience to the consumers.  No wonder the money flows out of consumers pocket without hesitation.  Great organization makes it very convenient to transact business. They think customers and they continue thinking and applying practices that will make customers experiences unique and momentous.

On the flip side People pay for EXPERIENCES, people come back for better EXPERIENCES and they continue coming back for an experience.  Like change, EXPERIENCE is never constant and always changing.  Unlike change, EXPERIENCE is in the mind, a good experience or not so good experience; its all in the eye of the beholder.  But you as an individual sometime hold the magic wand to contribute to others EXPERIENCES.  And the more successfully you contribute towards others experience; the more successful you emerge.

Enjoy Experiencing………