DinosoursGroups are a dying breed and need oxygen. Discussions either don’t attract attention, very little attention or no quality response. Every respondent is asking WIIFM? And he is not getting an encouraging response.

I am a member of 50 Groups and my objective is two-folds; increase my connections and actively engage in My 2 Groups (Group Owner). Having said that among my 50 Groups membership

  1. One group had 96 discussions that has over 446,000 members
  2. Next highest discussions are 63 with a membership of 163,000 followed by 32 and 35 discussions. 
  3. There are 8 Groups that had no discussions activity. And these Groups have between 10,000 to 200,000
  4. Now imagine discussions activity in Groups with a membership of 2000 or 3000 members!

What is the solution to get engagement or meaningful answers to your Group discussions? Here I am reminded of LinkedIn feature “ANSWER” that was discontinued sometime in early 2013.  Your ASNWER attracted an EXPERT Tag provided Question fielder nominated your answer for best response.  The system encouraged members to ask questions anticipating that he will receive mass response and he will chose the BEST answer.  The respondent was motivated by the prospect of BEST ANSWER Tag.  Hence my recommendations would be

  1. Define 4 – 6 keywords for Groups to TAG
  2. Initiate concept of BEST ANSWER in the Group.
  3. Introduce #Hashtag concept to enable going back into best answers repository.
  4. Such changes will ENHANCE members Engagement, Loyalty and Satisfaction.

Save LinkedIn Groups; Make LinkedIn Groups sticky.  Initiate keywords, Best Answer and #Hashtag.