Open_Letter1LinkedIn started as a professional networking site and steadily included Jobs & Talent search; followed by Sales and Learning platform with the acquisition of  LinkedIn has been reflecting different image with the passage of time and I believe it’s imperative to  sustain the interest of its members.

LinkedIn has revised the age group to 13, 14  or 18 depending on the demographics; many features have been dropped and numerous acquisitions followed to improve on the functionality of the three strategic business streams such as Job/Talent; Sales and Learning platform.  But is that enough to retain the interest of members when the attention span of humans are receding? 

LinkedIn should now focus on improving features that provide hooks to member’s attention such as features that will

  • Enhance Brand Image
  • Add Value to Member PROFILE and
  • Member Recognition

I will share Four suggestions:

  • New Member Invite: LinkedIn has the concept of influencers. How about recognizing members who invite non – members and when such invites converts into    The sender can be recognized as a Membership influencer  and reflection could be an Membership influencer  badge with numbers.  New Membership influencers – 49
  • Free-Lance: Future is for multi-skilled professionals. Jobs will not be secured hence introduce  Free-Lancing skills column wherein members can share his free-lancing skills for sale.  Or better still LinkedIn acquire sites such to provide a ready Freelancing platform.
  • Revitalize Groups: There are over 2 Million groups but they are stagnating with decreasing participation. There is nothing that encourages members to actively participate.  Hence within the Group introduce a system of recognizing as an EXPERT for asking questions or providing popular answer response.
  • Owners or CxO’s: LinkedIn has over 3 million company pages but you find very small numbers of Owners and CxOs on LinkedIn. And when you ask them why – the common response is
    1. LinkedIn is for Job seekers
    2. Why should we share a common platform with commons ( no differentiation)
    3. No Time

I believe this attitude can be converted into “I must be on LinkedIn”  by granting  2 or 3 special PROFILE FORMATS against company pages when they reach a registration of 100 employees on the LinkedIn.  This special profile format is reserved and allocated to few titles such as CEO’s or Owners.  The objective would be to encourage CEO’s/Owners to create LinkedIn profile and utilize LinkedIn to engage with internal and external customers.

Finally if LinkedIn has to meet its Economic Graph Vision it must continue reinventing and making LinkedIn platform sticky for the members