Job_huntYour business has been bought over or your profile has been purged and you have been made redundant, how do you respond?   Most of the people in your situation will hide in a cave and spend time playing the blame game.   When they do get out of the cave they are unprepared to approach the job market.

They are entangled in two complex webs i.e.  A web of unplanned activities and a lack of confidence. The result is that you will waste time in trial and tribulations.  Remember, you cannot win the battle unless you have a plan and work on your plan.  There are three stages you must plan for i.e 1) YOURSELF 2) Get to know the EMPLOYER PERSPECTIVE 3) RULES OF ENGAGEMENT.  Let’s touch on the three stages of market approach….

YOURSELF: Make your search for a job a project (a new job (do well) or a New Career (enjoy doing)) and market it to your prospective Employers.  Because they want to know why they should hire you?  So create you market strategy-


1.   Decide what do you do well?

2.   Identify what you ENJOY doing? 

3.    And finally gather evidence to support # 1 and # 2

 What is your USP; what makes you stand out and shine; what is your area of superiority? If you need to get additional certification go for it.

Segmentation: What is the target Industry that will need your services?  What are the targets Companies and Who will you target within those companies? Define the demographics of your target industry, company and psychographics of your target people.  Tip: you can use LinkedIn company page toDEFINE YOUR IDEAL EMPLOYER

Focus: Where will you focus your Time?  Best possible Industry, Company or People?  And how will you contact them?

EMPLOYER PERSPECTIVE:  Employer would like to know …

  1. How can you save him time?
  2. How can you save or make money?
  3. How can you improve or increase business efficiency?

Do your homework and craft your answers.  If you are in your late 40s or 50s don’t let your age discourage you.   Maintain a positive attitude because you are too young to retire whereas your interviewer might feel that you are too old to employ.   Believe in your experience as your strength and not your weakness.  Ronald Regan to Walter Mondale at a debate once said “I want you to know also I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent’s youth and inexperience.” 


  1. Network.  Connect Online and Offline.  Ask your network for advice.
  2. Customize your CVs for the job.  Check the key words in the job specification and include them as action words.
  3. Be honest in your disclosure.
  4. Don’t look older than you are.  Get in shape and get rid of your belly or excess fat.
  5. Be friendly with current technological trends.  Get on Social Media and create an engagement on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  6. Prepare for the likely questions from your interviewer such as, tell me about yourself? Why you want to join our company? What is your strength? What is your weakness? What do you know about our company?  Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Don’t you believe you are over qualified?
  7. Prepare two questions for the interviewer.
  8. Finally if you are past 40/50; inform your interviewer that you are a team player and you are happy to work/report to younger team members.  And share that in a story format.

Give yourself 2 days’ for the 3 step exercise and nothing more.  And remember, redundancy is not the end of your world because there is a world beyond the corporate world, that is, Entrepreneurship.  In the Corporate world you need a MBA whereas an Entrepreneur employs a MBA.  Good luck for your next job hunt.