Couple of years early I purchased a book titled “80/20 CEO” a leadership essential series on Vaman Kamath then Chairman  of ICICI Bank and current Chairman of Infosys.

The book constituting around 80 pages have always fascinated me, with its simple prose and wisdom encapsulated in short book that could be read from a – z in  2 – 4 hours time period. Last friday once again I picked up the book and went to the last chapter titled “Take Aways”.  And am sharing few pearls of wisdom that are ever green, ever shining examples of brilliant living in the business world.  The statements have deep meaning hence read them and absorb them unravel the meaning.

  1. Develop an eye for observation.  Obsession with observation contributes to several parts of learning process and value creation.
  2. You may be a big organization but act like a garage startup.  Apply its 90-day rule and you will be able to make process more effective.
  3. Leaders learn by leading, and they learn best leading in adversity.
  4. Future belongs to learners not knower’s.
  5. Speed is the seed capital in the international and domestic digital world.
  6. Gut feeling has a strategic significance in decision making.
  7. Whenever there is an orbit change there is friction.

Enjoy and savour the “7” pearls of wisdom.