No sooner you win trust of your prospect; he is morphed into your life long customer.  But the BIG questions is how do you win trust ?  There are few POWERFUL tips on winning trust and am sharing few of them.

  1. Questions: People who win trust faster; ask lot of personnel questions and use that information to express interest and reflect empathy in the subsequent dialogues.
  2. Words: Flavour your communication with TRUST words such as Please, Thank you and name of the person.
  3. Posture: When communicate with your prospect; appear absolutely calm rather reflect more calmness than every other person around.  This automatically generates trust and like.  There is power in the calmness; practice it.
  4. Impression:  First impression is the best impression.  You can practice creating the best impression the first time.  This will imprint a impressive frame in your customers mind and he will always be awed by your presence.  Awe equals Trust.
  5. Host: Be the best host to your prospect.  Show him the respect and meet him on a neutral environment outside his office domain.  This will force him to drop his defenses and open up sooner.
  6. Be Present: Whenever you engage your prospect and or customer; be present; give them your 200% attention. The 200% presence creates Trust.  It will pay back when you begin realizing he willingly accedes to your request for a sale.
  7. Human: And the final be human and humanize all your transactions.  Treat him as you would like to be treated.

These are simple but powerful tips to become a better salesman and the best human being.