power.psotureAs a Sales Person your first responsibility is to sell YOURSELF, followed by your COMPANY and then the PRODUCT.    Whereas within first few minutes your prospects make calculated judgment, if they will TRUST you and TRANSACT business with you.  Your success is dependent to a larger extent on your confidence and positive attitude within the first few minutes.  

When you are positive, confident and upbeat; your testosterone level rises up and when you are negative your cortisol level goes up.  Testosterone are positive hormones whereas cortisol are negative hormones.  Testosterone creates powerful physiological changes in your body that acts as a magnet for your prospects.  

So lets see what can you do to raise your success probability? 

  1. Research says that 2 minutes of faking Power Posture such as hands on the hips, reclining in a chair with hands on the neck, walking faster with longer strides can create a positive outcome.   Next time practice Power Posture for two minutes just before your interview or customer/prospect meet.  
  2. Practice giving compliments, praise or appreciation.  A fair ratio of 3:1 ( Positive : negative) creates a Like factor.
  3. Sit tall with shoulders pulled back.
  4. Sit with chin up and a genuine smile.
  5. Eye contact is very important.  When talking avoid looking down or touching your face.
  6. Bring 100% focus on others.
  7. Finally avoid contracting body language when in front of others which further creates a big gap between you and the person on the other side of the table. 

I would conclude this post by writing “Practice faking Power Posture till you become it.”