Last week I shared a tip – “Spend one day of the week without Complaining, Condemning and Criticizing.”   Having said that we are creatures of habit and habits are easier to form but difficult to erase provided we replace it with a new habit.  And before we move farther lets have a common definition, how Oxford online dictionary defines 3C’s?

  • CRITICISM: Indicate the faults of (someone or something) in a disapproving way
  • COMPLAIN: Express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something
  • CONDEMN: Express complete disapproval

My 2nd tip is “Practice not using 3C’s for the next 24 hours and replace it with 3E’s positive emotions” as follows   …..

Replace CRITICISM with ENTERTAIN:  Whenever you feel like criticizing someone. Practice sharing a joke.  People will love you for doing so and you would master the art of telling a joke.

Replace COMPLAIN with ENCOURAGE:  Whenever you feel like complaining – stop hold those feeling and find one good thing in the target person, tell him how impressed you are with his one behavior pattern and encourage him to repeat that behavior.  Remember we are encouraging a specific behavior.  Its not YOU but YOUR behaviour

Replace CONDEMN with ENTHUSE: Whenever you feel like condemning – stop hold back those feeling and find when this person had practiced positive behavior enthuse him for being such a person.  Enthuse him for his values and behavior.  Here target of enthuse is the person not the behavior.  It’s YOU and not YOUR behavior

Now the trick is not only to speak positive but next week replace 3Es with 3A’s such as APPLAUD;   APPROVE; APPRECIATE followed by B’s (Brilliant, Bravo, Brightweek after and improve upon your VOCABULARY of positive words.