There are many prevalent sales strategies that work keeping in mind the customer’s interest.  However, in the last few months I discovered two more tactics of selling wherein leverage is the Trust or few may call it confidence between the two i.e. you and your customer.

Game  # 1: “ Trust me”

This type of selling is based on trust and works for securing your foot in the door.   Or better still for any future transactions to arise.  Herein you capitalize on your past performance and the trust enjoyed with the customer to reiterate that “Mr. customer you have trusted him in the past hence trust me for the future or new technology business”.  The objective here is to get an assurance from your customer to consider you for the business and it works well with people at higher rungs of the customer business hierarchy.

Game  # 2: “I understand your business”

Every business endeavors to be a step ahead of its competitors or rather your customers would like to play in the Blue Ocean.  And if you can help him do so they have your undivided attention.    This strategy reflects that you know your customers business and can make him look better with their customers and share holders.  So you as a vendor present a business proposition that sticks and enables him to play in the Blue Ocean.  You tell and show the customer “Mr. Customer this is your go to market strategy and the ROI is 18 months”.

Read it, practice it, build on it  and use it to win unrealized business potential with the customer.

Enjoy reading and commenting……


  1. I think the trust factor was always there and this trust cud be built in a multiple ways, by the offerings that u carry that meets the customer needs, the infrastructure u have to support the customer, the brick walling activities that u do and so on………

    Trust will and always be a deciding factor.

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