is shrinking the sales cycle by authentic means.  For examples if sales process says you move from A to B followed by C to receive the Order D.  How can you short circuit step B & C to receive an order D is SALES HACKING In simple words what tactics can be used to short circuit B & C to reach D.   In this post I will share SEVEN tips towards SALES HACKING

  1. GATE-KEEPER: Social Selling is the new paradigm. And you can avoid the gate keepers by leveraging LinkedIn to connect direct with decision maker.   Engage decision maker on LinkedIn and after 3 – 4 weeks send him an invite followed by a call 2 weeks thereafter informing that you are connected on LinkedIn or in a Group; request for a meet.
  2. WARM CALL: 90% of the buyer don’t take cold calls. Use LinkedIn inMail to request for introduction from your 1st degree connections.  Or when you go visit your customer request him for an introduction from  any one of his three identified connections.  Mr. Customer – I see you are connected with Mr. Ramesh from X company; Mr.  James from Y company and Mr. Hafez from Z company – can you help me with a warm introduction to any one among them or who can you help  me with an introduction?  This works after you have made him a happy customer.
  3. MIRROR NEURONS: People mirror gestures of people they meet.  Hence smile; project friendly and confident posture.  Your prospect will begin mirroring them sooner.  And you will shape his decisions.
  4. MIRROR: This is opposite; simply copy or mirror your prospects gestures subtlety and soon he will develop liking for you.
  5. MEETINGS: When meeting prospects, extend the meet location from the office to Starbucks for a cup of coffee and followed by a 3rd physical place.  If you can arrange different location for one single meet it gives the impression to customer that he knows you for a longer time.  Thus raising your chances of securing the order.
  6. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN STRATEGY: Benjamin Franklin said ask small favours from your prospects this will develop liking. Request favours that are of value to you but simple, reasonable and easy to extend by the prospect.  Such as request to borrow a book or requesting an opinion on his child’s school for your Child’s admission.
  7. WEAKNESS AS STRENGTH: Mention first weakness or what went wrong and then go on to explain the strength and what has gone right. ( Your Sales pitch for your product, Your Company or Yourself)

Final piece of Sales Hacking wisdom; Write down your sales goals in active/now language.  Research says success rate of  goals commitment/affirmation in active/now language is 76% v/s 17% for goals commitment/affirmation in passive/future language.