SRK.1Bollywood stars are quintessential part of everyday media.  My question to you is “when was the last time you spotted  your favourite Bollywood or Hollywood star without a makeup and designer clothes?”   They are even photographed from a specific angle and side.  Stars realize the importance of putting the best foot forward and they certainly realize that public perception shapes their future.  And to succeed in sales simply copy the lessons from Stars.

PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD: Research says the first impression is the best impression.  And if it’s not your best foot forward; it may I repeat it may take nothing less than 12 successive attempts to change it.  So PLAN, PREPARE AND POSITION your best foot forward when making a prospect call.

PUBLIC PERCEPTION CAN SHAPE YOUR FUTURE: In one of the research students were tested and subsequently class teacher was told that 4 specific students were bright but don’t treat them differently and keep it a secret.  On the flip side students were randomly selected and they were as ordinary as any other students in a class of 25 students.  Six months later researcher conducted second test and found that 4 randomly selected students had outperformed other students in the class.  Lesson: Motivate your customers to recommend, refer to your prospects and give testimonials.

FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT:  Are you visiting your prospect or appearing for an interview.  And feeling pretty nervous.  Step back and fake being confident, walk tall, walk fast, fake a smile and fake power posture for 3 – 4 minutes before the meeting.  RESULT; you will increase your stakes of winning your customer order and or the job.

GUT FEELING: Research says that your gut feeling is your better judgment.  And if your gut says you will win the order or you will lose the order you are right.

Selling is a skill.  And selling is a neuroscience; study it, master it and conquer the sales.