Sales.20Many sales professionals spend large share of their time on wrong prospects and wonder why they consistently miss their sales targets. In Steven Covey’s words they have been “CLIMBING THE LADDER LEANING ON THE WRONG WALL.

Sales effectiveness is choosing your customers who are more likely to buy from you and buy faster & bigger. Hence this requires two important Planning principles before you begin selling. And the two principles are .. (1) Know your prospects (Buyers Persona) (2)Know your prospects problem?

  1. You can create Buyers Persona by studying your existing customer’s persona or researching the market for customers whose pain/requirements mirrors your products benefits.
  2. To build a Buyers Persona you must identify his Location; Industry; Size of Enterprise ( # of employees and/or Revenue); Target Title (Business user) and influencers such as Economic buyer is your finance or purchase, Management is who will approve final decision – such as General Manager, MD, Director of C-Level Executive and Technology buyer is your technology evaluator such as IT manager, Network Manager when it comes to IT products and services.
  3. Once you have your buyers persona you can create a prospects list by using power of LinkedIn. LinkedIn “Sales Professional” gives you the power to enter parameters and extract list of your prospects.
  4. LinkedIn will tell you how many such PERSONAS exist in LinkedIn database. You can use the list to target online marketing campaigns.
  5. You can also use the list to connect on LinkedIn and turn them into warm leads.

To better understand buyer’s problem you must know “What problems your product solves” and ask target buyers

  1. What problem do they face?
  2. How do they address that problem? And sometime they may not be aware that a problem exists hence your objective turns to “make them aware.”
  3. What common questions do they ask about your industry?
  4. Who do they report to in the Enterprise?
  5. What is their Decision process?
  6. How much budget they have or control?

Once you know your buyers persona and understand his problem, chose prospects that are most likely to buy. And you are on the right ladder leaning on the right wall.