Albert Mehrabian said that total sum of our communications is 55% body language; 38% tone and balance 7% is the words.  Profound research and a meaningful wisdom for the students of body language.  There are numerous studies and books published on Body Language and everyone of them has some strength and few weaknesses.

I was introduced to the science of body language pretty late, during my first job, when my good friend Ravi shared the book on body language .  This book was more pictorial and hence it caught my attention.  Next day I went to Cannaught place and purchased the book for INR 35.00, a hefty sum that time.  For many years I read and re-read the book; and tried applying it in my day to day activities – when communicating with my customers and on the flip side when dating.  It turned out to be fun game.

Subsequently I came across numerous books on Body language and will like to share few of them that impacted my observation and outlook. These four books comes from four different genre and written in different style reflecting the same subject.

Manwatching by Desmond Morris. He is an amazing author who has authored numerous books on body languages on humans, apes and others.  His every book is a treat to read.  If you can lay hand on any of his book, do grab and read in leisure.

Body Language by Julius Fast. This is also a brilliant book on body language written in simple language and easy to understand.  Once you open up you don’t shut unless you are on the last page.

The definitive book of Body Language by Allan & Barbara Pease.  Another brilliant book from the team who writes in story format.  Must visit their web site to explore others books written by the couple.

The Secret Language of Success by Dr. David Lewis.  This book is written in a format wherein you can pick up the sentences and apply them directly to interpret the body language.

Body language has emerged an important science.  The press predominantly applies the science of body language to predict & write the outcome of Charles and Diana relations; the heat of relations between the Hollywood couples and the negotiations outcomes when two opposing parties meet to negotiate.

In conclusion I believe every professional should become a consummate student of the science of body language to apply and understand better the Success and Failure of social interaction.


  1. Nice article, Vinod. Thanks for sharing the book names. As I am in Chennai and will be going to Landmark or Higginbothams, I can try and see if any of these are available here. I really require this in my line – selling Insurance to customers..

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