I am beginning to believe that Sales is a science and success happens when you study and apply the  science of sales.  Having said that how much percentage of  total companies realize that the sales team should be equipped with right tools before engaging them in the market.

Right tools are the ABC of engagements. Having said that Zig Ziglar the Sales  Guru in his book “The secrets of closing the sales” says

  • There are 24 words that sell such as Proven, Health, Easy, discovery   and there are 24 words that unsell such as deal, pay, contract, sign.  He goes on to state that watch the late night infomercial and see these methods in action.  So what are your sell words and what words you use that unsell.
  • Zig Ziglar also says that “The prospect is persuaded more by the depth of your conviction than  by the height of your logic”.
  • “You don’t sell what the product is…. You sell what the product does.”
  • “Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.”
  • Zig Ziglar says it pays to know your customer, treat them right and still take advantage of the opportunity.  And all the above wisdom  is from the General who rose from being the foot soldier.

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