eneergiserLast Friday I conducted a session Launch your Business”  using the power of LinkedIn.  And it was a lesson and a reverse lesson too. 

The event was attended by around 27 participants and every one of them had some expectations from the event which is a fair assumption.  Did I meet their expectation 80%,  60% or less is left to every participant’s judgment ?

Having said that I am writing this post to thank you all for the practical lessons I learned during the course of 4 hours we spent together.

  1. Microphone: Test out your microphone.  The hall size does not matter wear your microphone for an audience of 15+.  I realized in between, the microphone was not working or not adjusted wherein the low pitch did not reflect desired impact. So test your microphone and practice.
  2. Tell them, Tell them what you are going to tell them and Tell them:  This holds good even in today’s time.  Because mind has so many distraction speakers and audience included that it requires a structured reminder.  Have a friend in the audience to bring you back if you digress.
  3. KISS: Keep it simple stupid:  Yes keep your delivery as simple as possible, as few and relevant points as possible which is the mark of a good trainer.  Build up good analogies to stick.  Wheather audience gets the content or not is absolutely the responsibility of  the speaker.  Speaker is expected to deliver the content in audience language  hence KISS
  4. Curse of Knowledge:  This “curse,” described by authors Chip Heath and Dan Heath in their book Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, refers to the concept that the more you know about a subject, the harder it often becomes to communicate your message to others.  Result speaker disconnects with the audience and I observed the disconnect.
  5. Time: Make it 2 hours session and if the session is longer, budget time for  hands on practice for audience involvement.
  6. PowerPoint slides: Do a much better job on slides, make it pictorial and use the right fonts and colour.  Use a relevant picture that connects and brings energy among the audience.
  7. Strip your Cliché: Remember to strip cliché off your speech; audience is interested in listening to the content not your cliché.  Hence record, listen and practice your speech.
  8. Be the Energizer Bunny  – Deliver content with energy tilll the end.
  9. Summary: We all know the gaps but when it comes to delivery; we overlook the minor details that are major when you measure your success in the content delivery.
  10. Acknowledge comments and feedback fromyour audience
  11. And finally get a second opinion on the content before delivery.

Lessons learned are the best lessons earned provided you accept them as lessons and not as failures.