The Topic of Social Selling regurgitate few perennials questions from the leaders such as

  1. What is Social Selling?
  1. Why Social Selling?
  1. How do I Initiate Social Selling?
  1. What is the Social Selling tactic to close a sale?
  1. When do I meet Prospect Face to Face?

And am sharing steps to answer above questions..

What is Social Selling?

  1. Social Selling is Digital Transformation of Sales Process.
  2. Social Selling is leveraging your digital footprint to influence decision makers.
  3. Social Selling is an appropriate response to changing purchasing behaviours.
Why Social Selling?
  1. Buyer’s behaviors have changed and changing buyer’s behaviors demands new paradigm called Social Selling.
  2. 90% of the Buyers avoid cold calls.
  3. 57% of the sales cycle is completed before prospect calls sales person.
  4. Customer consumes Ten pieces of information before making a decision.
  5. The sales process has become more complex and around seven buyer’s perspectives are involved when making a decision.
  6. Buyers are 5x more likely to engage with a warm call.
  7. 75% of the buyers use Social Media to be more informed on the sellers.
  8. Buyers expect a sales person to be a thought leader and educate them on their industry perspective that they have not considered.
  9. Finally, you may be able to prospect five face to face meeting in a day but with meaningful online engagement you could prospect 10 times, 20, time or perhaps 100 times as many connections.

How do I initiate Social Selling?

  1. Create your LinkedIn Profile and ensure you have professional photograph and summary crafted for your customer in mind.
  2. Create your presence on Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media platform that is frequented by your potential customers.
  3. Connect with your customers, prospect, industry peers and influencers.
  4. Share meaningful content with your prospects and customers on Social Media.
  5. Ask for referrals and give referrals.

What is the Social Selling tactic to close sales?

  1. Objective of Social Selling is to find right prospects, build strong relations and shape prospects mind.
  2. Create your prospects list using LinkedIn List. And for additional leads research LinkedIn recommendation in “PEOPLE ALSO VIEWED” on members profile and “SIMILAR COMPANIES” on the company page.
  3. Research your prospects before meeting and identify what do you share in common. And use that angle to lubricate your engagement.
  4. Recognize and Congratulate members on Birthday, work anniversary, promotions or job change.
  5. People moving to new roles and especially to new companies often have a remit to make changes, do things differently and explore new supplier.
  6. When people are engaged in a buying process they start to connect with sales people as potential suppliers and also with thought leaders and other influencers both inside and outside their company.
  7. The content that prospects write and share on LinkedIn is a strong indicator of what’s on their mind. When somebody takes the trouble to write about issues facing their business you know that they are actively exploring options for solving them.
  8. When they start to share content relevant to your sector, especially from thought leaders at your business or your competitors, you know that it’s an area of focus for them – and time for you to act.
  9. Content isn’t the only form of social activity that constitutes a signal of intent. Time-poor prospects are more likely to express their areas of interest by quick comments in the LinkedIn feed, and these can be just as strong an indication of where their priorities lie.
  10. The types of connections whose updates they comment on, the types of content they take an interest in and what they choose to say; are all important signals of intent.
  11. Businesses that are suddenly in the market for a lot of new talent are either undergoing sweeping organizational change – or rapid growth. Both constitute triggers for buying and signals of intent.
  12. Finally automate your listening and content sharing practices using leading industry tools such as,,

When do I meet prospect Face to Face?

  1. Whenever you share meaningful content aligned with prospects request or when the customer expresses appreciation, it’s time to take the discussion offline. And a request for a face to face or skype meet.
  2. Treat your online engagement with same respect and intensity as your offline engagements.


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