We believe that we use our past experiences to make snap decision.  But we are wrong – we make snap decisions based on few rules of thumb and they are laws of Persuasions as defined by Dr. Robert D. Cialdini in his book The Psychology of Persuasion. He has identified 6 principals of influence and I believe among the 6 principals, 4 are  the overriding pillars.  They are Like, Reciprocity, Social Proof and Authority.

  1. LIKE: We like to do business with people who share something common with us or Compliment us or Collaborate with us. LinkedIn Groups exploits LIKE  Members of the Group share common interest, Habits or topic.  Further members breed familiarity (Like factor)  when they engage other members content with Like, Share and Comment. We also develop familiarity with members when we wish them on their birthday, new job or work anniversary.
  2. RECIPROCITY: This is boomerang effect or principal of Newton’s law “for every action there is equal and opposite reaction.”  Its in our DNA that if someone does a favour to us, we are expected to return it. People who don’t return the favour are considered to be bad.  Reciprocity is strong when your favour is UPS (Unexpected, Personal and Special).  On LinkedIn when someone likes, shares or comments on your posts you are expected to return the favour by Like, Share and Comment. And more Unexpected, personal and special your action, the more Unexpected, personal and special is the receivers response.
  3. AUTHORITY: We trust and believe people with authority such as Doctors, Lawyers and Policemen especially when they are in uniforms.  A certificate displayed on your LinkedIn wall adds credibility, trust and authority to your profile.
  4. SOCIAL PROOF: If everybody is doing it; it must be right. Or if I have no idea what’s happening I follow the herd.  Or let’s call it herd mentality of humans.  When you see 50 likes on a post you robotically go and like the post.

Finally I would like to share advise from Global Marketing Guru Al Ries and Jack Trout in their book “POSITIONING: THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND”   – “The jockey that wins the race is usually the one with the best horse. So pick yourself a horse to ride and then ride it for all its worth”   And LinkedIn is your horse, ride it to leverage your presence on LinkedIn to monetize the Economic opportunities.