ImpactBig question that goes in every sales professional mind is “Where do I find my next prospect?”  My message is rather than finding your next prospect, let your prospect find you.

The time has come to leverage your time and resources. Having said that Sales Professional please strike out arcane COLD CALLING practices (Outsource cold calling) and gun for PULL practices to gain your customers and prospects respect.  So how do you practice PULL magic?  My answer would be “VISIBILITY.” Be there, where your prospects, customers and their 2nd   and  3rd degree connections can see you.   Hence let’s identify points of references.

  1. Study BNI : I am fascinated by the BNI concept wherein a group of 20 entrepreneur belonging to different industry meet and share their products and services.  Then all twenty go out and sell their products and also talk about the other 19 wares.  The leads are shared with the respective team members.  The results are measured and achievers recognized.  Message: Assemble your team of best entrepreneur and borrow to implement the BNI idea.
  2. Study Referral Systems: In this systems you reward people who refer business or bring business.  Message: Create your team of referral professional.
  3. Public Events: Make it a point to attend public events that are attended by your customers and prospects.  Script your elevator speech and use this time to introduce and ask them how can you help them ?  Don’t ask for business yet and work on Zig Ziggler philosophy “If you want to succeed in life help enough people” or Steven Covey “7” habits “Seek first to understand and then be understood” Message: Do your connections a favour.
  4. Business Seminar: Make it a point to attend business seminars that are attended by your customers and prospects.  Sharpen your public speaking skills and then go on to master a professional topic and deliver it during the business Seminars.  Message: Work towards achieving an expert status in your industry. 
  5. Media: Write to or  contribute to industry magazine and this could be digital or hard copies. Help editors in finding right content, trends or hot topics of interest.  Provide feedback to editors on the topics covered and suggestions for improvements.  Make it meaningful. Message: Become the darling of media for your expert OPINION.
  6. Forum : Visit Meetup – Take up membership of professional Meetup or similar groups or begin a professional meetup group.  Message: Participate and increase your weak connection to monetize.
  7. Blog: Create your blog on professional topic and also comments and share related industry content with your prospects and customers. Use WordPress for Blogging, Twitter to tweet industry news and LinkedIn to increase your professional network and Slideshare to publish your presentations. Message: use the power of Social Media to broadcast your wares

Targeting the above agendas is to have an agenda. Hence

  1. Set yourself targets for the number of business people to meet.
  2. Introduce yourself and exchange business cards and just after the meet register the cards in your smart phone.
  3. Engage them in intelligent conversation. Study and create repository of topics to discuss and share your opinion.
  4. Ask them how you could help them. Ask them to call you if they need help guidance?
  5. Measure your transaction over a period of 30 days, 60 days and 90 days.

Begin practicing PULL magic because Selling happens when you are not selling






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