KillerAccording to a survey of over 5,000 people at Corporate Executive Board (CEB) members’ customer organizations, research finding said the CUSTOMER LOYALTY is … 19% for Company and Brand Impact; 19% ..  for Product and Service Delivery and only 9% ..  for Value-to-Price Ratio whereas its 53% is for Customer’s  Buying Experience.  This is a profound revelation.  So what can you do to make your sales engagement the best customers buying experience?  I will share 7 Killer Tips to win over competition.

  1. KNOW THY CUSTOMER: Log onto your customer profile on Social Media and find a common denominator between you and the customer.  Research says people like to do business with people they share something in common. This is your hook to begin discussion and to score points over your competition.
  2. CREATE A POWERFUL PROFILE: Would you be surprised if I told you that your prospect is exploring your profile. He is reading your professional title and summary. Time permitting he would look at your skills and recommendations. Your virtual profile is your first impression hence creates a rock solid LinkedIn profile and score points over your competition.
  3. GO WITH REFERRAL: See who among your existing network is connected with your Prospect and request him to give you a powerful referral and recommendation. Recommendation builds up phenomena calledExpected Mind wherein prospect builds up your image based on recommendations. Recommendations are a powerful social proof to score points over competition.  Remember when you speak about yourself its boasting but when others speak about you its recommendations.
  4. KILLER FIRST IMPRESSION: The killer first impression includes smart and appropriate dressing. Friendly smile followed by a firm handshake; palm neither facing down nor facing up but your palm should be perpendicular to the floor. This will win you few more points over your competition.
  5. ENGAGEMENT ZONE: Plan to meet the customer in his office and follow it up with a cup of coffee in Starbucks or Tim Hortens.  This strategy is like meeting your customer twice and scoring points over your competition.
  6. SALES PROCESS: Now follow standard sales process right from introduction, question, proposal, negotiation and close.
  7. COMPLIANCE LANGUAGE: Implement the sales process sprinkled with three compliance tactics such as
    1. PSYCHOLOGIC DISTANCE: Imagine your prospect has difficulty accepting your offer because of emotional inconvenience (change of work habit) or financially difficult.  Hence you take your proposal or brochure and place it away from your prospect reach probably on the side of a glass water kept.  Now the pressure is taken away from your customers mind; follow up with discussions to build rapport.  And once prospect begins to feel comfortable he might reach for a glass of water and then stretch to reach out for the brochure or proposal that had been placed away (Psychological distance) and begin looking at it.
    2. BEFORE WE BEGIN: Prospects hate to be sold hence they build wall around them when you begin delivering sales pitch.  Hence use this strategy to drop defenses and deliver important message by saying “Before we begun the sales discussion may I _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ ____”  customer would take that message with impunity.
    3. TESTOSTERONE RUSH: It is a process of getting customers to buy from you by tapping into the prospects mind – feel good feelings ( past victories) through asking question. Such as what was it like winning your last cricket match?  What was it like being awarded the employee of the year award?  What was it like watching yourself on big screen? This encourages release of TESTOSTERONE (Feel good hormones) in prospect body.  And now he wants to does business with you with same kind of adrenalin rush.

 Finally remember people buy from people and they have emotions.