Linkin for businessI joined LinkedIn in 2010 but did not comprehend the power until an year earlier.  Now when I explore LinkedIn; it is closer to the population of USA with a membership base of over 279 Million professional.  Professionals join LinkedIn for three reasons, to …

  • Connect
  • Find and
  • Be found

Professionals create their online profile in LinkedIn.  Similarly Businesses can create a company page within LinkedIn; show case their products & services; get customer recommendation for products and services and attract the best talent, all within LinkedIn platform. Let me share seven LinkedIn strategies to grow your business

  1. Company page: (Web Page & Drive Traffic) If you don’t have a company page within LinkedIn; please create one.  This is a representation of your web page. Company page can showcase your products & services; jobs available and comment/links for posts that is equivalent to your external blog. It helps drive traffic to your website. You can create multiple pages for one product/service targeting different geo-locations.  The reality is its all within LinkedIn, SEO optimised and free.
  2. Connect: (Customer Engagement) There is openness in LinkedIn i.e. members are open to connect with others.  Similarly you can invite customers/prospects/colleagues/friends to follow company.  When you post information on company page it’s seen in your follower’s timeline.  This engages your followers.
  3. Recommendations: (Testimonials) Invite recommendations from your customers for your products and Services and build up your credibility. 
  4. Employees: (Employee Engagement) Invite all your employees to create a LinkedIn profile and ask them to follow the company page.
  5. Employee: (Team) : Ask employees to connect with employees within the company.
  6. Group: (Customer Tribe) Create LinkedIn Group and invite your customers and prospects to join. Also requests your customer facing and senior members of your organization to join the group.  Engage your prospects and customer with meaningful content posting in the group.
  7. Inbound Marketing: (Lead Generation) LinkedIn is a perfect platform for inbound marketing which happens by posting and sharing great content.  You can create paid campaigns within LinkedIn for lead generation or brand building.

Important thing is that all seven tasks  are absolutely free other than your sweat equity and the paid marketing campaigns.  Hence use LinkedIn as your strategic sales and marketing tool to grow your business.