How many times, you have heard an internal voice “I am nervous.” Well, there are many tactics to build confidence but I will share one that works for me. The regular practice of this regime will shoot up your confidence index.

Confidence is the ability to dissipate nervous energy or ability to focus your positive energy towards a task. You generate positive energy from within or absorb positive energy from people around you. And a simple energy formula is to “SHAKE HANDS” and as many hands, you can find. Shaking hand is like your Aladdin’s magical lamp; when you rub the lamp, Ginnie appears. “The more number of hands you shake the more confidence your develop.” Here is my seven-step formula

  1. Shortlist events such as Meetup events, industry event or networking events where you would meet professionals.
  2. Begin with people you know and extend your hand. Now step out of your comfort zone and shake hands with others.
  3. Shake hand for 3 – 5 seconds and slowly increase the time of handshake to 10 – 15 seconds.
  4. While handshaking practice touching elbow or shoulder of other people with your left hand.
  5. When shaking hand maintain a firm grip.
  6. During handshake if your palm is facing down you are dominant, if it’s facing up you are submissive and if its perpendicular it’s a business handshake.
  7. Set targets for a number of hands you will shake. The number of hands you shake ( 3 -5 seconds and 10 – 15 seconds) the more confidence you develop.

There is something magical about a handshake. Two things happen when you handshake; when you extend your hand, you step out of your comfort zone and secondly you bond with the other person. And this full circle of handshake dissipates nervous energy, creates positive energy and makes you more confident.

Shaking hand is your  magic lamp; rub the lamp and Confidence will appear.