LI-ConnectOne question always pops up whenever I am conducting LinkedIn workshops. Who should I send invite and it leaps frog farther – what invite I should not accept?   Professionals have different opinion but my simple recommendations would be adopt “Q2” Strategy that is QUALITY (Invites that you send) and QUANTITY (invites that you receive). And I am sharing PRACTICAL POWERFUL and PRODUCTIVE advice on LinkedIn Connection Strategy. 

  1. Begin with a goal to build your connections inventory to three figures that is 1000+ connections.  I would take you to be a serious connector once you reach 500+ connections and you will have meaningful engagement once you reach 1000+ connections.
  2. During your run for 1000 connections choose to send invites to people who are LION with over 3000+ connections.  This will build your 2nd degree connections.
  3. Once you achieve 1000 connections milestone become choosy who you send invites to.
  4. LinkedIn gives you one time quota of 3000 invites to send hence use it wisely. Beyond 1000 connections; strategies … for every one invite sent ensure you receive 3 – 5 invites to connect.
  5. Send invites to your QUALITY connections wherein you want to build your industry tribe and criteria to send Quality invite should be – the connection belongs to your industry/Tribe followed by title i.e. Sales Manager, Sales Director and so on.
  6. Accept all invites and call them QUANTITY but….
  7. Avoid accepting invites with no photographs.
  8. Say No to invites that have less than 25 connections.
  9. If you must accept invite with less than 25 connections inventory than ensure that they share a common connection.
  10. One common question always pops up – “my boss sent me an invite and I have not accepted it”   My response would be please accept your boss’s invite.  By not accepting; you are violating professional ethics and secondly once you accept your boss invite request him for a recommendation.

Good luck on building your LinkedIn Network because YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NETWORTH.


  1. Thank you so much sir for giving us such a valuable information. Almost all my doubts about LinkedIn got cleared. I am not an active user of linked in since I created my id.but now I am now confident to go ahead with my connections on LinkedIn.

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