What is your Life Philosophy?  If you have none, read on, and if you have one, still read on.  Philosophy is your Lighthouse to respond to challenges in life. Philosophy is hard wired in your brain that is triggered no sooner you jump out of the bed. In this post am sharing 3S philosophy – Show-Up, Speak-Up, and Speed-Up.


Jack Ma said “24 people were interviewed for jobs at KFC.  23 got selected and I was the 24th.”      “ 5 People were interviewed for Police Jobs 4 got selected and I was the 5th one.”    “ I applied for Harvard but was rejected, applied second time rejected.” Jack Ma continued showing up and he was rejected 10 times at Harvard.  Early on Jack Ma realized that English was becoming important hence he would visit Shangrilla hotel and offer free guide services to the foreign tourists in exchange for lessons in English. Jack Ma continues to show-up.

Elon Musk started with technology and made USD 180 million from Paypal proceeds. Thereafter he showed up with Tesla, Solar City, SpaceX, Hyperloop, underground tunnels to reduce traffic and now colonizing Mars.  Elon Musk continues to show – up.

Jeff Bezos started with e-commerce and then showed up in cloud computing, retail, Media, Space and Drones for last mile delivery.  Jeff Bezos continues to show – up.

Richard Wiseman; Author and a Psychologist say that “luck is showing up.” Hence get out of the house and meet people. There is an old saying “Leaders are Readers.”  You may either read in the comfort of your house or you can meet people, connect and listen to “HUMAN BOOKS.”   Famous author and speaker Porter Gale has authored a book on networking called “Your Network is your networth”  – the title speaks for itself. Your network can get you a job, get you business and help you achieve your dreams. Hence show-up and change your life.


Computers are replacing jobs.  Computer beat Chess world champion, Computer beat Jeopardy champion, and this year computer beat Poker and Go champion.  Computers are replacing jobs that are repetitious, predictable and can be automated.

On the parallel our brain was formed millions of years back and small part of it is the reptilian brain called amygdala.  On being challenged amygdala responds by Fight, Flight or Freeze.  Most of the time it freezes, few times it flights and fewer times it fights.  Entrepreneurs and leaders have the Fight mentality.  Hence if you want to be the leader don’t just be the spectator, participate, be the change, Express your thoughts, share your opinion, challenge the status quo, ask why or why not, exercise your choice.  These are human skills that are not automated yet hence least likely to be replaced by computers. Practicing human skill will also prepare you to shift your mind set from Freeze to Fight mode.

Secondly when you want to transfer message from yourself to others use appropriate phrases because mind runs old software that shuts when it hears inappropriate language.   Hence chose your words carefully.  Few of the magic phrases that catch people attention are

  • I will tell you a story ( 6 words)
  • I will share my personnel experience ( 6 words)
  • There is an old saying (5 words)
  • Most people ( 2 words)

Finally change and change often. Delete mindset that says “If an’t broke don’t fix it” – its RIP.    Break the routine and make yourself inconvenient.  If you drink tea in the morning replace it with coffee, leave your car at home and take a bus or metro to your office, call someone you have been avoiding for some time, cold call people early morning at 8:00am and practice asking for help. Putting yourself into inconvenience mode will change your subconscious responses from freeze to fight mode. Speak up and change your life. 


Albert Einstein once remarked “Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.”   Hence

  1. Think big and think distant.
  2. It’s not 10% growth but think 10X Growth.
  3. Be the first mover. But being the first mover is not enough, be the Fast mover.  Fast mover will always take over the first mover.
  4. Learn Unlearn and Relearn
  5. Declutter and Prioritize
  6. Measure yourself based on the outcome and not your activities.
  7. Delete procrastination. Apply five second rule from the book called “The 5 Second Rule” authored by Mel Robbins.

Finally we are in the “2nd half of the chess board,” and in the age of quantum change at rapid pace.  Speed up and change your life.

Show-up, Speak-up and Speed-up.