Archimedes once said that “Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand.  And I shall move the earth.”   

Great news for LinkedIn members is “Your lever is the 500 Million members and the place to stand is the LinkedIn platform”. And yet, a very small % of members extract meaningful advantage from LinkedIn – Why?   Because firstly, “meaningful advantage begins with a meaningful engagement with your connections”. And secondly, since every member plays a different role; “a one size fit all” engagement – does not work.

In the customer organizations, I have identified three critical role players and they are as follows.

  1. Role # 1: DECISION MAKER:
    1. Who is he? : He signs your order or your cheque.   
    2. What does he need? : He needs validation. He appreciates opinions that will help him shape his decisions.
    3. How do you engage him? : You engage him with Likes, Shares, and Comments that include meaningful opinions.  You also share your blog post on relevant topics establishing your subject matter authority.
  2. Role # 2: ADVISOR:
    1. Who is he? : He is a mentor or a teacher in the customer organization. He teaches, mentors, and consults his peers and his seniors.  He is outspoken, respected and shares his opinion progressively.  He is looked upon as someone who is knowledgeable to guide through the decision making cycle.
    2. What does he need: He needs help on self-education. He needs content that will add to his knowledge base.
    3. How do you engage him: You share industry/ product content and use cases.  You engage him with curated content and your blog posts.
  3. Role # 3: FRIEND:
    • Who is he? : He is your friendly guide and a mentor in the customer organization. He will show you the way through the maze.
    • What does he need: He needs a friend with a common interest.
    • How do you engage him: You engage him on a common interest, common friend or common profession basis.

The above rules help you engage the right people with relevant intent.  Engage decision makers, advisors and friends in the customer organization with relevant intent engagement and you shall make life-long trusted friends.

Remember, “people like to do business with people they Know, Like and Trust.”