B2B is an ever changing Landscape. Prospects have become your competition.  They educate themselves online; research and excludes you from the early sales cycle. Hence it is imperative that sales uses short cut digital tools to be in front of prospects.  In this post I have included sneak preview of 7 Social Selling tools to engage your prospects early in the sales cycle.   Because

Engagement creates visibility and visibility creates opportunity

  1. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the professional networking platform that members updates his personnel information as it happens. He proactively provides more information on self then available in the company HR system. LinkedIn has over 530 Million professional members spread across 200 countries and over 13 million companypages. Hence LinkedIn becomes number #1 economic platform to identify and engage prospects. Be on LinkedIn.
  2. 360Social.me: Most successful sales professional surround their prospects so that they can listen to buying triggers. 360social.me is a browser plugin that helps you identify other social media platform the prospect has footprint. With this information you can surround him and engage on most active platforms
  3. Sales Navigator: This is a paid tool from LinkedIn that helps you search for your prospect using over 30 different parameters. Sales Navigator help you to track activity of your account or leads. It also provides suggestions on where and how to engage your prospects and customers identified as leads or accounts. (Accounts are the potential companies (13 Million) and leads are the individual members (530 Million)
  4. Hootsuite and BufferThere is no Social Selling without content. And content could be curated or better still created by you. Content should be meaningful, with context and posted on time when your prospects is most likely to be longed in. Content gives you credibility and authority. Hootsuite and Buffer helps you to schedule your posting – days, weeks and months in advance ensuring they are posted on time for maximum views because life of content is very short on social media platforms.
  5. Paper.li: Content is king provided it provides answers to your prospects challenges. Paper.li helps you curate and compile relevant content in a newsletter format that can be shared with your prospects list on periodicity. www.Paper.li curates content based on your keywords.
  6. Google ALERT: Set google alert for your keywords and every morning receive meaningful content in your inbox generated in the digital landscape. Use it to keep abreast of the current developments, trends and educate your prospects.
  7. eGrabber or Lusha: LinkedIn helps you generate prospects list. And eGrab and Lusha helps your capture official email id and cell number from their digital footprints. Hence you can use email ids and phone number to connect direct.

Be relevant and save plateau and plummet in your sales graph – ” Use 7 amazing tools.”