Many marketing and sales professionals create digital profiles, form connections, and even share content without a discernible strategy.  Often times they are ignorant on how to make social engrained in the sales process so that it is a predictable part of how your company goes to market.   Based on my experiential value I have created one day Social Selling Workshop to unravel the journey of Social Selling and inducting it in your Sales Process.

What is Social Selling Workshop 

COURSE OVERVIEW: The workshop is designed for you to Learn what is Social Selling and how could you Grow your Sales leveraging Social Media.  You will learn ……


1.What is Social Selling  and Why

  1. Six Principle of Influence
  2. Rock your Personal & Company Profile
  3. Profile of Sales Professionals and Customers
  4. How to Identify & Connect with your Target Audience (Multi-Threaded)
  5. Content is King – Guide to Sharing Insight
  6. How & when to Engage Decision Makers with Insight & Build Strong Relations
  7. Four Pillars of LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI)
  8. Recommended Reading and Digital Tools for Social Selling
  9. 30 Minutes Daily LinkedIn action Plan


Workshop Outcome: Aberdeen Group has done a research with findings that tell the story of Social Selling the strategic way:

  1. Teams sell more with social selling: 64% of sales teams that use social selling hit quota, compared to 49% that don’t.
  2. Reps hit quota with social selling: 46% of sales reps using social selling achieve quota, 38% who aren’t, don’t.
  3. Renewal rates increase with social selling: Sales reps who use social selling report a 55% customer renewal rate and a sales forecast accuracy of 54%.


 Social Selling Success Stories

Who should attend:  Senior Managers; Business Line Managers; Front Line Sales Executives; Business Development Executives

  • To schedule, 45 Minutes, Three Hours or One day Social Selling workshop in Dubai email me  or call me +97150-6343120