StartupUN estimates the current global population to be around 7 Billion that will rise to 8 Billion in 2024.  How would global economy fair and how would it create employment for the rising numbers entering the employment market?  Having said that Job market will see new trends. 

–        Employees would wear multiple professional hats.

–        And Employees would be expected to innovate and create employment.

Consequently Startups will become the trend for the next 5 years to watch. Economies will encourage and invest in Startups eco-systems.  The newly elected Indian government has allocated INR 10,000 crores for the startups for the year 2014 – 2015.

For the past 9 months I have been engaging startups and incubators. And spotted four pain points of startups that could be the economic opportunities for the PROFESSIONALS OUTSIDE the STARTUPS (POS).  And am sharing the model here.

  1. TRAINING AND WORKSHOPS: The best place for the startups to grow is within the startups eco systems or so called incubators.  The objectives of the incubator is to provide ecosystems for six pillars of business ie. Strategy, Legal, Sales and marketing, Technology, Operations and Finance.  There are tremendous opportunities for POS (Professionals outside the Startups) for knowledge transfer through different delivery models i.e. Workshops, Trainings and Mentoring.  This is a win win for startups and POS.
  2. SALES & PARTNER:  POS – Don’t pass on referrals but work along with founders to close first three sales.  Or find a partner who would act in a business partner’s capacity to secure subsequent sales.  Your target audience should be INNOVATORS and EARLY ADOPTERS (refer Diffusion of Innovation Model).   Early sales are like OXYGEN and Startups with early sales have better opportunities to succeed and secure funding.
  3. CO-FOUNDER: Most startups have a gap in certain business skills and it’s cost prohibitive to hire a skilled resource.  POS can fill that gap by negotiating a minority stake in an active co-founder capacity.
  4. FUNDING: POS can connect Startups with like-minded investors who will pump in funds. And also keep your options open for Crowd funding model that fast is maturing as a new trend in funding arena.

Watch out for increasing economic influence of Startups.