Unlike any profession, in  sales you need all the help you can get and extract to be a success.  And I am sharing few powerful tools to help you succeed faster.

Google Alert: Subscribe to for the company  you are prospecting for business and be the first to know what’s happening with your prospect.  Similarly follow the company and person on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.  I said follow and avoid stalking.

Docstoc:  Register free on a premier online community and marketplace to find and share professional documents.  And this can be used to  prepare professional reports, proposals and ROI for your prospects and customers.

Slideshare : Register free on and access brilliantly crafted PowerPoint presentation, videos and documents for your customer presentation.  You could also upload your best PowerPoint presentations and earn USD

Find on-line presence : Go on and enter name.  Find information on people if they have on-line presence.  Get to know your customers better.

Reminders: Register free on and enter your  things to do list with dates and creatively crafted message. This will constantly remind you of things to do.  Because things get done when reminded.

Enjoy reading